Understanding A Mediums andPsychic Role During The Great Awakening

Mediumship is a gift that comes with much responsibility, and it shouldn't be taken lightly or as an act of entertainment.

The supernatural world can be a little overwhelming if you're new to learning how to navigate it. Even familiar people can have trouble keeping up with essential terms like psychic or medium. But, contrary to belief, there is a distinct difference between the two, and we're here to walk you through these differences.


Psychics and mediums are becoming more popular today because of their roles and the benefits they offer the collective during this time, for example, binging individuals answers to their questions or helping to give them closure on a past loved one.


The role a medium plays is different from what a psychic does, so which one do you choose?

So What Does a Medium Do?

A Medium can tap into the afterlife and communicate with spirits on the other side with pets and humans. They play a vital role in helping to transfer over to the other side. For example, perhaps you forgot to say something to a loved one, or maybe you want to talk with someone who has passed to seek answers. This would be a time to consult a medium.


Most of the time, a medium can accommodate and deliver a message to someone who has passed. They can bridge the gap between the physical world and the spiritual one.

How does a medium communicate with the dead?

They may do so in the following ways:

  • Channel with the Spirit World. Sometimes a medium will receive messages through their mind, which they will then share with the appropriate individual through channeling.
  • Perform Séances. Some Mediums may perform what is called a seance. If you plan on having one, it's essential that the person truly wants to communicate with that passed loved one.
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What is the Role of a Psychic?

Psychics communicate with the spiritual world differently. For example, some individuals communicate with the living telepathically, and some can receive a vision of the future. These messages can be received in different intuitive gifts and/or clairs.


You might think of tarot cards or crystal balls when people say, psychics. But the truth is, everyone is psychic.


You might show the following signs:

  • Lucid/Vivid/Detailed Dreams
  • Visions of the past, present, and future, clairvoyance
  • Just KNOWING, or having a feeling that comes true, Clairsentience
  • Receiving Downloads or information


Using these special abilities, they can advise their clients and mentor them on love, career, health, and relationships. In addition, people are naturally drawn to psychics because their heightened senses allow them to feel, smell or see things from a different perspective making their predictions accurate most of the time.

What is the Difference Between a Medium and a Psychic?

So how do they differ?


A psychic can read into the present and future energies, whereas a medium communicates with the souls of the deceased.


If you have questions that keep running through your mind or are uncertain about the future, this would be a time to consult a psychic.


If you would like to speak to a past loved one, consult a medium.


This will allow you to receive the answers you're seeking and help you peace with your soul. We hope this guide has helped you better understand the difference between psychic and medium powers, and they can benefit your life.

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