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5 Best Cities for Your Reset Trip

5 Best Cities for Your Reset Trip We've all had a stressful time the past few years, but as the pandemic winds down, it's time to recharge our bodies and refresh our spirits to face the new day. While optimizing your home for wellness and avoiding negativity are great ways to mitigate stress, sometimes you ... Read More
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The Empire Heyoka, Jennifer Whittington, Jennifer Nunez, RISE Innerversity, Online coach, Transformational Coach, Shaman, Quantum Shaman, Intuitive Guide, Truth Seeker, Energy Healing, Soulprenuer, Spiritual Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Empire Builder

JENNIFER WHITTINGTON is the creator of Rooted Publishing House, a community-based platform and publication dedicated to Light Warriors creating the New Earth. She is also the founder of RISE Innerversity, a movement dedicated to creating sovereign leaders.

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