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What is Witch Craft?

By theempireheyoka | March 16, 2022

What is Witch Craft? So when we begin to venture into a Witchy path, spells seem to come with the territory! To cast a spell means to effect some change, accomplish a magical intent, influence a particular event/situation, and, most importantly, heal. Of course, the name for this is “Witch Craft,” considering when putting together…

How to Use Graveyard Dirt to Transform Your Life

By theempireheyoka | December 6, 2021

How to Use Graveyard Dirt to Transform Your Life E X P A N D I N G with the ELEMENTS – Using the Sacred Element of Earth Dirt is an amazing tool and one of the most underestimated magical tools you can use to elevate your spiritual and ritual practice. Frist off, I don’t…

What is an Oracle Reading Anyways?

By theempireheyoka | October 25, 2021

What is an Oracle Reading Anyways? Oracles are mentioned in the Bible and acknowledged in history as divine truths, divine messages sent through a seer or someone who can see and then verbalize the message itself to whoever is asking. Research shows the word is mentioned in various forms of scripture and is always meant…

Are You A Walk-In? Season 2: Episode 1 The Awakening Hour

By theempireheyoka | July 22, 2021

Today On The Show: Season 2: Episode 1 – Are You A Walk-In?Β  The Awakening Hour is a Fifth Dimensional, a spiritually-driven podcast hosted by Jennifer Whittington, call-in guests, and spirit guides. Enjoy exciting topics to enrich your mindset, relationships, spiritual wellbeing, finances, and ways to balance and transition into the Fifth Dimension. Subscribe To…

A Story on How I Overcame My Fear Of Writing

By theempireheyoka | March 9, 2021

A Story on How I Overcame My Fear Of Writing Another Magazine will be printing my articles and this one I am getting paid for..   I will be going live at 11:30 to talk about how I broke through a MAJOR LIMITED BELIEF this being that I couldn’t write.   I struggled with grammar…

Understanding Your Path to Becoming Your Best Self

By theempireheyoka | March 8, 2021

Understanding Your Path to Become Your Best Self When we begin to awaken, the first question we start to ask ourselves is, why are we here? Join me for today’s sacred discussion on how you can Understand Your Path to Become Your Best Self. [Click the “wheel” icon to change it to HD so the…

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