Fears Should Never Hold Us Back - 5 Steps to Take & Conquer

“Fear Makes The Wolf Seem Bigger Then He Is”

Fear is something that has gripped any one of us through our lives and probably more times than we’d like to admit. However, a big part of a spiritual awakening is outside our comfort zones. Still, with how we have conditioned our minds to view ourselves, family, friends, and present or past events, that’s when our Ego steps in to prevent us from wanting to overcome all that holds us back.


So we think, well, how can we confront this? How can we not allow our egos to trigger illusions to prevent our seeing what is truth and isn’t real or imagined?

1. Reflect On The Fears

Pull out a piece of paper and a pen or pencil, then list all the fears that linger. Reach far and wide and honestly evaluate what they are. Ask yourself… “What am I truly afraid of?”. Some are completely reasonable.
An example is being afraid of water because you don’t know how to swim. But the seemingly irrational fears are the ones that must be confronted. Even the reasonable ones are always possible to overcome, but the ones that there is no reason for are the ones that must be confronted.

2. Knowing The Fear Then Accepting It

Acknowledge the fear, and get to know how or why it even developed in the first place. Don’t be resistant to it. Accept it for what it is and look at it from every possible perspective to help get a better idea of how it triggers Us. Why did it develop? When did it begin? What happened to make it progress into something that holds us back? Inevitably making a complete “investigation” on what the source of that particular fear is.

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3. Realize What Can Help Us When The Fear Arises

When scared, we tend to feel inadequate and strained. In fact, at times, it even makes us forget we’re so much stronger and every bit capable of confronting all fears. Fear operates like a virus that spreads through our minds and triggers “illusions”, things that aren’t reality, and we over-think ourselves to the point where we believe that our fear cannot be overcome at all. Leaving us feeling utterly powerless to appropriately act when that, in turn, is the lie in the end. Which means it is essential to change perspectives. Remember all the things we do in our day-to-day lives that require our strength. We tend to forget that every morning, we fulfill daily obligations that demand a huge amount of abilities and kindness. Examine ourselves about those abilities, that sense of compassion. Don’t undercut your strengths and sense of values. Instead appreciate, with no false modesty!

4. Visualize Our Life WITHOUT Fear

Think about what it would be like not to have those fears. Think about how our life would change if those fears did not exist. Then make a list of just how great our lives would improve. Try to get as close as you can to that thing you’re afraid of. For example, if you’re afraid of speaking publicly to groups of people, whether in person or online, then attend an event or conference sitting as close to the stage as possible (if in person) or being actively a part of an online social discussion on a particular topic. Then work your way to perhaps starting a discussion of your own once the confidence begins to build.

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5. Finally, Act-On It Instead Of Avoiding The Possible Hardships

Remember, you do not need to overcome all fears or even one particular fear all at once. Do what makes you comfortable to work in stages to eliminating said fear. Just taking action and forming steps to achieve this is all anyone should do. But the effort MUST be there or else we stay forever bound by them, which no one wants. Recognize that we are always able, no matter how difficult it is. A step-by-step plan can ensure that when fear arises, we don’t flee from it, especially when fear triggers us to feel overwhelmed. Give yourself time to follow intuition for when it’s time to confront said fears fully. Once you can do all this, you begin to realize that it was all in your mind to start with. It is truly afraid of fear itself in truth. That is what led to us allowing the monster of fear into our minds in the first place. So make the change and finally be free.

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