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5 Way’s To Not Let Fear Hold You Back

By theempireheyoka | July 17, 2021

Fears Should Never Hold Us Back – 5 Steps to Take & Conquer “Fear Makes The Wolf Seem Bigger Then He Is” Fear is something that has gripped any one of us through our lives and probably more times than we’d like to admit. However, a big part of a spiritual awakening is outside our…

Are You Actually Achieve Your Goals?

By theempireheyoka | June 22, 2021

Are You Actually Achieve Your Goals? Check-In Time! We are coming into the mid point of the year if you go by the Gregorian Calendar and this is the perfect time to check in with yourself. We have had some massive shifts lately within the collective and within ourselves, with no break coming soon. So…

A Story on How I Overcame My Fear Of Writing

By theempireheyoka | March 9, 2021

A Story on How I Overcame My Fear Of Writing Another Magazine will be printing my articles and this one I am getting paid for..   I will be going live at 11:30 to talk about how I broke through a MAJOR LIMITED BELIEF this being that I couldn’t write.   I struggled with grammar…

Understanding Your Path to Becoming Your Best Self

By theempireheyoka | March 8, 2021

Understanding Your Path to Become Your Best Self When we begin to awaken, the first question we start to ask ourselves is, why are we here? Join me for today’s sacred discussion on how you can Understand Your Path to Become Your Best Self. [Click the “wheel” icon to change it to HD so the…

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Jennifer is the Owner of the RISE Innervesity, a community-based academy offering support for Visionary Starseeds, Trail Blazers, Leaders, Changemakers, & New Earth Builders who know they have a big calling to create the New Earth and New Earth Excursion, a Concious Travel Agency helping others navigate the New Earth.

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