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Mindful Eating Through Your Human Design Masterclass

November 5th at 3pm pst


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Are you ready to take your mediation to another level?

Use our guided mediation series to help you learn how to be the master of your mind.

1. Intro to Meditation

2. Calm with a Quickness

3. Infinite Awareness

4. Cultivate Joy

The activations will help all lightworkers start their journey to being the master of their minds.


  • MIndfulness Single Coaching Call

    Suggested Donation ($33-$55) This is a great option if you already have an established mindfulness practice but are feeling “stuck” and need some specific guidance for your particular challenge. >One 45-minute call. >Personalized support and guidance. >Access to a recording of your session for future reference. >Follow-up email support.
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Did you know that you are designed to eat a specific way? In this masterclass, we dive into the different eating styles according to your human design and how you can pair that with Mindfulness Eating.


What is Mindfulness eating?


Mindful eating is paying attention to our food, the purpose of why we are eating, at the moment without judgment It is an approach to food that focuses on individuals' sensual awareness of the food and their experience of the food.


This is not a diet program. We will not cover calories, carbohydrates, fat, or protein. But just a simple approach to being more mindful of what we eat and how we eat according to our design.

What you'll learn

How to recognize when, what and how we want to eat according to your UNIQUE design
How to know and recognize when you are full
Why mindful eating is NOT a diet
How to recognize WHY we eat
How to mindfully enjoy food that will fuel our lives and build a loving relationship with food


Desktop or Laptop
Something to Take Notes In & With

Who is this for?

Beginner to Advanced in either Mindfulness or Human Design. NO experience Necessary!
Those who have never heard of Mindfulness Eating
Anyone who wants to develop a healthy relationship with their food

What does it include?

2 hour Masterclass

Q & A for those who attend the live

Downloadable resources

Full lifetime access

Access on mobile and TV


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