How to Live In The Law of Inspiration

what is the law of inspiration, how to use ho'oponopono to transform your life

How to Live In The Law of Inspiration Did you know that inside the mind, you can only operate out of two Laws? The law of Memory and Data or the Law of Inspiration. What are they? and how do you operate out of them? Join me in this video to learn more about these…

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Visiting Aphrodite’s Island

visiting aphrodites island, cyprus, greece, aphrodite

Visiting Aphrodite’s Island in Cyprus Goddess Aphrodite in Cyprus, Greece The third-largest island in the mediterranean sea is the beautiful island of Cyprus. Cyprus is often referred to as the island of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty. However, according to the text from Hesiod’s Theogony, she approached Cythera first. Hesiod’s Theogony Here…

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Using Moonstone to Awaken your Divine Feminine

moonstone, moonstone cyrstals, divine feminine, awaken your divine feminine, cyrstals for pms

Using Moonstone to Awaken your Divine Feminine The feminine stone…. June is one of only two months out of the year, with the luxury of claiming not one but three different stones as its birthstone: pearl, alexandrite, and The Moonstone. Although all three stones are beautiful and each has its individual metaphysical and spiritual properties,…

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5 Best Cities for Your Reset Trip

5 Best Cities for Your Reset Trip We’ve all had a stressful time the past few years, but as the pandemic winds down, it’s time to recharge our bodies and refresh our spirits to face the new day. While optimizing your home for wellness and avoiding negativity are great ways to mitigate stress, sometimes you…

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What is Witch Craft?

What is Witch Craft? So when we begin to venture into a Witchy path, spells seem to come with the territory! To cast a spell means to effect some change, accomplish a magical intent, influence a particular event/situation, and, most importantly, heal. Of course, the name for this is “Witch Craft,” considering when putting together…

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Meditation: Why Do It?

Meditation: Why Do It? When we begin a spiritual practice, it will usually start with awareness of Body, Mind, and Soul—being aware of the present moment. We live in a society of hectic demands of modern life, what some would call “the Matrix.”   Living in a hectic society, we become busybodies with all we…

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How Rainbow Fluorite can Bring Order To a Chaotic Mind

How Rainbow Fluorite can Bring Order To a Chaotic Mind Crystal Of The Month – Rainbow Fluorite The beautiful healing of Rainbow Fluorite and its extensive range of colors have multiple talents! Bringing order to a chaotic mind and allowing ideas of a once muddle mind to fruition, Rainbow Fluorite, with its calming energy, is…

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How to Use Graveyard Dirt to Transform Your Life

How to Use Graveyard Dirt to Transform Your Life E X P A N D I N G with the ELEMENTS – Using the Sacred Element of Earth Dirt is an amazing tool and one of the most underestimated magical tools you can use to elevate your spiritual and ritual practice. Frist off, I don’t…

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How The Attitude of Gratitude Imprints Your Blueprint

Today On The Show: Season 2: Episode 4 – How The Attitude Of Gratitude Imprints Your Blueprint The R.I.S.E. Podcast is a Fifth Dimensional, a spiritually-driven podcast hosted by Jennifer Whittington, call-in guests, and spirit guides. Enjoy exciting topics to enrich your mindset, relationships, spiritual wellbeing, finances, and ways to balance and transition into the…

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